Here are some tips and tricks that can really make your video stand out:

1. When you film yourself, instead of holding your phone vertically (in portrait mode), try to hold it horizontally (in landscape mode). In this way, you use your whole screen.

2. Keep your camera steady while filming. You can use a camera or phone stand, but if you don’t have one, holding your phone against the wall in front of you works as well!

3. Don’t stand in front of a window or a bright lamp. The light will drown you out. Instead, turn  around to make use of that light! Also, don’t use the flashlight on your phone.

4. Film yourself in a quiet place. Background noise will distract the viewer and decrease the impact of your story.

5. Make sure your video is in focus, usually by tapping on your own image on screen. Don’t use the zoom function, as it generally decreases the quality of your recording.

6. Align the camera in height with your face, or even slightly above it. Filming from below usually doesn’t make the video (and yourself) look attractive.

7. Try to look into the lens, not to yourself on screen. In that way, it seems as if you’re looking the viewer into the eyes.


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