The mission of the Foundation shall be to carry out the business concerning health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation as well as to conduct education activities, researches and studies and their promotion services, not only in terms of a part of the body but also for the whole body, and thereby to contribute to the development of national, local community or international health, medical care and welfare.


  1. Activities (from the statute)

  2. Physical examination and health guidance related to dentistry or medicine

  3. Dental health activity for medically affected persons or impaired persons

  4. Holding of academic lecture meetings or dispatching lecturers for the promotion of health education

  5. Grant or awarding of financial assistance or scholarship for encouraging researches and studies

  6. Researches and studies concerning health

  7. Contribution of goods or money for supporting international health, medical and welfare activities

  8. Publication and sale of books and brochures for education activities

  9. Operation of auxiliary medical facilities or auxiliary health guidance facilities

  10. Contracting for education and guidance to trainees at medical facilities

  11. Contracting for clinical trials at medical facilitiesHolding of workshops on health and dispatching lecturers

  12. Contracting for researches and studies concerning health and disease control

  13. Other businesses required to achieve the objectives of the Foundation
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